Caladesi Island

2019 July 21
by Mike D

Caladesi Island is always a fun cruise! The weather was almost perfect; it was a little windy but it offset the heat. The noseeums were visiting at dusk but were tolerable particularly with the wind. Otherwise, smooth sailing! The Rangers at this state park were very accommodating. Most of the members arrived on Friday allowing them time to visit with fellow boaters, walk the beach and just relax. Everyone seemed to enjoy the beach whether for a quick swim, beach combing for shells or a sunset at the end of the day. There were 8 boats total that showed for this trip and of which 5 stayed until Monday.

On Saturday, April 13, everyone gathered at the pavilion for dinner with 2 spiral hams that were cooked by Mike Dark. Yum Yum!!! The side dishes that were prepared to complement the ham, along with the ham were exceptional. After dinner, the group continued to relax into the evening with walks on the beach and enjoying great camaraderie. The 50/50 was won by the Tuckers. Overall, everyone had a great time and a great weekend!!! Here is a bug repellent recipe from the Tuckers: Combine in a 16 oz. spray bottle: 15 drops lavender oil, 3-4 Tbsp pure vanilla, 1/4 Cup lemon juice. Fill bottle with water and shake. Ready to use.

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