Thanksgiving Cruise – Hontoon Island

2016 December 2
by Pam W

2016 Thanksgiving Cruise at Hontoon Island


Floatin’ Good Times, La Racquelita, and Playpen met $and Dollar at Hontoon Island on Wednesday. The weather was delightfully warm.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday brought Top Shelf, Half Fast, Nauti-Dog, Never Ending and Lauralee.  We had docktails Friday evening.


Reel Thrills II came in Friday night, but the First Mate was feeling puny so they went for medical treatment on Saturday morning.  The report is that the First Mate will have a total recovery!!


Saturday, we were joined by Robert and Margot Lipe, John & Denise Hatch, Mike and Pam’s daughter and friend.


The canine contingency was not to be outdone with six CFCC members present.  Our experienced companions were there: Teddy, Kiki, Dixie, Gracie, Dora and Roxy. All the canine members managed to stay high and dry this year giving our canine savior a break. Whew!!! Mark!!!


Wildlife is always entertaining at Hontoon Island.  This year the interesting fowl was turkeys who kept the canine contingency entertained. Sunny days and cool evenings were not enough to deter the mosquitoes, but they disappeared about an hour after dark giving us plenty of evening to enjoy.


Friday evening, post-mosquito hour, we had a campfire, s’mores, hot cocoa and the appropriate spirits.  The company had great fun telling stories.


An intense group of opportunists gathered to take their chance at bingo consuming nine prizes.  Robert & Margot won the 50/50 for $42.


Our Saturday Thanksgiving feast was a great success.  Everyone ate until they had completely happy tummies!!! Set up and clean up was a breeze thanks to some very helpful hands!!!


This weekend was a great kickoff for the Holiday Season!!!

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